Project Money

Version 1.91

Project Money is a full featured money manager; essential for anyone who needs to manage their money better. Project Money helps you in ways other budget apps don't. Project Money:

  • Creates a managed account by taking you through a step by step process
  • Projects your money across all your expenses using in-built calculations
  • Manages your income and expenses automatically
  • Gives you control over your Cash by allocating your untouchable money to your unavoidable expenses
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later.

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Awesome finance app!!! Really easy to use and didn’t take long to setup.

- Jeremy Victoria

This has got to be the easiest budget type app to use. It does what it says it does.

- Lortta California

I’ve tried other apps to help me with my money and this one was the only one that did the math for me. Well done.

- Brian Queensland

Project Money is really easy to use. It actually helped me work out a budget. Get it, you’ll love it.

- Brittany Alberta

How does Project Money differ from other budgeting apps?

Project Money actually calculates for you. It doesn’t require you to have calculated a budget before using the app. It takes you through a step by step process prompting you with what you need to create and manage your bank account/s with a budget.

How does Project Money work?

Project Money calculates how much money each of your expenses need each pay day, to keep them loaded and ready for when they’re due. It does this by working the math based on your expense details. Eg: How much is the bill? When is it due? And how often is it due?

Can Project Money help me get out of debt?

Ultimately, yes. Although it wasn’t created to be a debt busting app, if you apply discipline to the way you use Project Money to manage your money, debt can be dealt with simply by controlling your spending.

What if Project Money calculates that I don’t have enough to cover all my expenses?
Why is my Cashpile in the red?

Project Money distributes your cash to cover your expenses according to a formula designed to make sure there’s more than enough. Because some bills are monthly, others are quarterly and some people get paid weekly, others fortnightly, Project Money can sometimes over allow money for an expense/s leaving your available cash seemingly bare. Check that all the expense details are correct, reassess what expenses are truly necessary and if after your first month of managing your expenses your Cashpile is still in the red, seek professional advice.
Truthfully, an account with a healthy budget should be a full month ahead on every expense. In other words, if all your bills came today, you should be able to pay them all in one hit. This should be the first goal for anyone wanting to be free of the stresses of unavoidable financial debts.

The people who made Project Money

Project Money was an idea originally conceived by Drew Fraser many years ago when his money management system (what system?) failed to adequately save the right amount of money to cover his bills ahead of time. He got jack of being behind the eight ball with his bills, then the idea started, with a piece of paper, a pen and a calculator. From there he turned that piece of paper into an excel spreadsheet, but even then it was time consuming and limited in it’s ability. In 2010, the iPhone 4 went ballistic in Australia and with a powerful mobile device in his pocket Drew got the idea to develop his budget spreadsheet into a full function iPhone app.

In mid 2011 Drew met Joshua Smith, founder of iOnline Interactive Imagineering. Joshua and his team have taken the idea of Project Money and made it a reality. Joshua not only gave the idea life, but delivered it into the App Store for users (that’s you) of all demographics to benefit from this apps powerful functionality.

Part of Joshua’s team, Bentley O’Kane-Chase, programmed the code that crunches the numbers for your budget and gives you the results of a well rounded money management app. A lot of the user interface was imagineered by Bentley, and his awesome code hacking ability’s have been of instrumental value in the development of Project Money.

Next on the team of imagineers is Jordan Gardiner. Even though he’s a trainee at iOnline, his design work on the app has turned an idea into an icon. He took the simple outline ideas of, “it’s got to be blue and not crappy”, and turned it into an awesome statement of simplicity and excellence.

This is the team behind Project Money.

The Team

  • Drew Fraser

    Creative Engineer
    Twitter / Facebook

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    Joshua Smith

    iOnline Developer

  • ionline logo

    Bentley O’Kane-Chase

    iOnline Programmer

  • ionline logo

    Jordan Gardiner

    iOnline Designer

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